Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking to the future is kinda scary

Tomorrow I start what I am expecting will be my final semester at uni, so as of July I should be finished and will have my bachelor of tourism and event management degree. I unfortunately am still stuck on deciding what it is that I want to do. Everywhere I look the events positions that are advertised require high levels of proven experience in events which my studies have not provided me with. During the course of my study I have gained lots of theoretical understanding of events and have designed a few for assignments but have never had the opportunity to practice and to gain any experience that I can lean on. I have volunteered for two events but don't think that is enough to say that I have experience as I did not do any of the planning of those events I was merely an event day volunteer and did basic stuff. I am unsure of where to begin looking for jobs and while I know that I will need to have full time work by the time I finish my degree I don't really want to have to just go for any old job that won't use my degree. This sucks. Anyway... that's enough silly talk, I am very excited that I am looking at my last semester as I have really had enough of uni and am looking forward to getting out into the workforce, I guess I'll just keep looking and trying to work out what I'm going to do...if only starting up one's own business wasn't so costly and dangerous!!


  1. I'm sure you will be fine. If you have to take an internship, or a graduate position somewhere first. I can help you apply for Govt. jobs too!

  2. thanks honey that would be excellent