Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a day!

Hi again, just a quick post for my benefit. I had a really great day today, despite the crampy, ouchy pains in my belly. Today was my first free day since beginning the body trim system and I enjoyed a drink of coke and a quarter chicken hot pack from the local chicken shop. Much to my surprise I was unable to finish my lunch, I felt so full after a few chips, it was kinda disappointing and then I remembered that it is a good thing that I can't overindulge myself without feeling yukky and full.

Another thing that was great about today was that I got another birthday present from my mummy. For my birthday on Monday I was given a lovely Remington hair dryer, some new jeans (which I have yet to take up since I'm a shorty), some much needed socks, and a pretty purple Guess handbag. Today mum gave me part two of her gift which was a Remington hair straightener to match my new hair dryer. I like it! So of course I spent this morning drying my hair and then straightening it. It was fun, I know it's probably silly but when I have naturally curly thick hair it is nice to do something a little different and it was fun.
Well I think that's enough for today.

Until next time,

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  1. And you looked so beautiful! I may have to post that photo I took of last time you did your hair!