Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking to the future is kinda scary

Tomorrow I start what I am expecting will be my final semester at uni, so as of July I should be finished and will have my bachelor of tourism and event management degree. I unfortunately am still stuck on deciding what it is that I want to do. Everywhere I look the events positions that are advertised require high levels of proven experience in events which my studies have not provided me with. During the course of my study I have gained lots of theoretical understanding of events and have designed a few for assignments but have never had the opportunity to practice and to gain any experience that I can lean on. I have volunteered for two events but don't think that is enough to say that I have experience as I did not do any of the planning of those events I was merely an event day volunteer and did basic stuff. I am unsure of where to begin looking for jobs and while I know that I will need to have full time work by the time I finish my degree I don't really want to have to just go for any old job that won't use my degree. This sucks. Anyway... that's enough silly talk, I am very excited that I am looking at my last semester as I have really had enough of uni and am looking forward to getting out into the workforce, I guess I'll just keep looking and trying to work out what I'm going to do...if only starting up one's own business wasn't so costly and dangerous!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Next Week

I am really looking forward to next week as it is sure to be a good one. Next week is when I go back to uni for hopefully my final semester, which is very exciting. I will be studying "Training and Development", "Organisational Administration" and "Communication and Organisational Practices" so this should be an interesting semester. Ooh, I nearly forgot...I got a High Distinction for my final assginment for Desktop Publishing that I studied during summer school. For that class overall I got a Distinction, so happy with that result!
Also next week I start working at a different Woolworths store than the one that I have been at for the past three years. I have been working at Woolworths at Northpark which is in Prospect SA and due to my reliance on public transport has been taking me approximately 1.5 hours to get to work, even though it is only a half hour drive from my house. As of next week I will be working at the Woolworths at Parabanks in Salisbury SA which is only a fifteen minute drive from home and will take me about half an hour by public transport (that is including the time to walk to the station from home and from the station to work), this is very exciting as it means I am available more and should hopefully get lots of hours...then I can get my car fixed!
Well, I had better go now as I am needing to prepare our meals for today before I send John off to work.

Until next time,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a day!

Hi again, just a quick post for my benefit. I had a really great day today, despite the crampy, ouchy pains in my belly. Today was my first free day since beginning the body trim system and I enjoyed a drink of coke and a quarter chicken hot pack from the local chicken shop. Much to my surprise I was unable to finish my lunch, I felt so full after a few chips, it was kinda disappointing and then I remembered that it is a good thing that I can't overindulge myself without feeling yukky and full.

Another thing that was great about today was that I got another birthday present from my mummy. For my birthday on Monday I was given a lovely Remington hair dryer, some new jeans (which I have yet to take up since I'm a shorty), some much needed socks, and a pretty purple Guess handbag. Today mum gave me part two of her gift which was a Remington hair straightener to match my new hair dryer. I like it! So of course I spent this morning drying my hair and then straightening it. It was fun, I know it's probably silly but when I have naturally curly thick hair it is nice to do something a little different and it was fun.
Well I think that's enough for today.

Until next time,

Friday, February 19, 2010

As promised

As I said yesterday I will probably be discussing my progress with bodytrim, well, I weighed myself today for the first time since beginning and in the last six days I have lost 1.5kg!! Yay, what is even more exciting is that my husband lost 2.7kg, so exciting for him. It's a bit disappointing that he lost more than me especially since he is not following the diet quite as strictly as I am, I have to remember that the first amount of weight lost is fluid and he must have more fluid than me. Maybe we'll see different results next week, either way I am stoked that we have started and that we are on our way to our goal weights.

Also, today I had my second last saturday shift at work before I transfer to another store which is closer to home. It's a little bit sad to be leaving as over the last three and a bit years I have come to really like the people I work with, but in the end, I have no car at the moment and this new store is much closer and doesn't mean catchiong a train and then a bus and vice versa, it's simply one 15 minute train ride to work. Currently it takes me approximately 1.5 hours to get to work as I have to make connections between buses and trains. So I am glad to not have to sit on the stinky buses and trains for so long for much longer.

Well, that's all I have to say today, and besides that it is time to go and work out what we are having for dinner tonight.

Until next time,

My First Blog

This is my first blog and so I suggest you don't get your hopes up that it will be something superb as I am still getting used to the program. Basically, I thought I'd introduce myself, my name is Yolanda Tramontano. I am 22 years old, I am married to John Tramontano and we live with our two cats in SA. I am studying tourism and events management at uni which I hope to finish in June/July of this year, after which I hope to get a job in the events area, preferably doing business events. I have recently started the bodytrim system in an attempt to lose 35kg in the near future to be healthier and to feel better about myself, so be prepared for updates on my weight loss progress as I may get excited and decide to blog about it.

I have no specific topic for my blogs as yet, I merely thought it would be an interesting activity to try out.

Well this was just supposed to be a short blog to test and see if I have set it up correctly so I'll go now.

Until next time...