Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finally the end really is in sight

There is a light at the end of the tunnel it was just so far away. I have finally after 4+ years of studying submitted my final assignment and now have three exams to complete as the final portion of my degree. Provided I pass all my courses that is, if I have to go back for another semester it will be very disappointing. But, fingers crossed I should be graduating in August. I am very excited at this prospect.
Well, another update on our weight loss, John is currently at 20.5kg lost and I am at 13.5kg lost. This has made us feel so much better about ourselves and it has made us both more confident people I think.
Well, I am going to go now and do some studying for those exams.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A little overwhelming

This semester is proving to be a little bit overwhelming as far as the amount of work that I have to do. I don't think I have ever had to do fifteen readings per week before in the last four years that I have been at uni. Considering each of these courses each have only two assignments I would not have thought the course would be so demanding but I am finding myself at week four already behind. The study load is really not fair, it's too much. Oh well, that's enough complaining I should go back to my reading now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a nightmare

Well last night was absolutely horrendous, I worked a 4 hour shift at Woollies and then was kindly dropped off at the bus stop by a girl from work as I would otherwise have missed my bus. It was important that I make it to the bus as it was 9:30pm and the next bus or train would not be until 10:20pm, so all was good ... until I got out of the car and left my mobile phone in her car. I had my phone out as I was trying to call mum and dad to see whether they would be able to pick me up from work or whether they'd be picking me up from Elizabeth once I got there. the worst part was that I didn't know if I had left it in her car or if I had stupidly dropped it in the car park when I got into the car. The stupid thing was on silent so even though I called it from a payphone straight away in an attempt to get her to turn around she didn't hear it. I was freaking out because I was running out of coinage for the payphone and didn't know what to do. I rang my husband and told him and he said he'd call my parents but then my bus came so like an idiot I got on the bus and went to Elizabeth, where I went straight to the nearest payphone to call my husband again to see if he had been able to get in touch with mum and dad. He had...they were at Salisbury looking for me. What a wally, so I was scared out of my brain because there had been drunk people at Salisbury, there were drunk people at Elizabeth and i did not have the security of my mobile phone in case of emergency. When mum and dad got to Elizabeth they said they had called my mobile phone and the girl who dropped me off had found it and answered it and would drop it off at work in the morning. How lovely. The only problem was that when mum and dad picked me up my husband was on the phone in the process of barring the Sim card so that we wouldn't get a big bill if I had dropped it in the car park. What a nightmare. In the end I have my phone back and there was nothing to be worried about, but that didn't stop me from being in a ridiculous state last night. How embarrassing.

Until next time

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 1

Well, I am almost finished my first week at my new store and I have finished my first week back at uni for 2010 and it has been a good week. Firstly, work has been good; I was rostered two shifts and got called in for a third for a total of about 18 hours for the week which is excellent. I am enjoying working at Parabanks and have met some nice people, tomorrow will be the test though, I am working from 8-5.30pm on checkout, something which I have not done in a very long time, lets see how my back treats me after that shift. Anyway, uni this week was good too, I only had lectures this week so my days were not too filled up but next week will be full on. I cannot believe how much reading I have to do already, which is precisely what I am going to be doing once I finish this blog.

Almost forgot, update on my weight loss, it has been almost three weeks now and I have lost a total of 4.3kg which is good. I just wish that all the extra protein we are eating wasn't costing so much, for a household of two plus two cats we very rarely spend over $150 on groceries for a fortnight, this time we shopped for a week and it cost us...$250. It's enough to make you want to stop eating. John has lost a total of 5.8kg which is really excellent, I am so glad we are doing this. It's so good that others can see the results of our efforts, it's strange though that neither of us can really see the difference other than that buttons don't gape and belts have to be tightened. I know...hang in there it'll be obvious soon enough but I would just like to see my second chin disappear or something, you know something more encouraging. Anyway...I had better go and do that reading for uni.
Until next time

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking to the future is kinda scary

Tomorrow I start what I am expecting will be my final semester at uni, so as of July I should be finished and will have my bachelor of tourism and event management degree. I unfortunately am still stuck on deciding what it is that I want to do. Everywhere I look the events positions that are advertised require high levels of proven experience in events which my studies have not provided me with. During the course of my study I have gained lots of theoretical understanding of events and have designed a few for assignments but have never had the opportunity to practice and to gain any experience that I can lean on. I have volunteered for two events but don't think that is enough to say that I have experience as I did not do any of the planning of those events I was merely an event day volunteer and did basic stuff. I am unsure of where to begin looking for jobs and while I know that I will need to have full time work by the time I finish my degree I don't really want to have to just go for any old job that won't use my degree. This sucks. Anyway... that's enough silly talk, I am very excited that I am looking at my last semester as I have really had enough of uni and am looking forward to getting out into the workforce, I guess I'll just keep looking and trying to work out what I'm going to do...if only starting up one's own business wasn't so costly and dangerous!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Next Week

I am really looking forward to next week as it is sure to be a good one. Next week is when I go back to uni for hopefully my final semester, which is very exciting. I will be studying "Training and Development", "Organisational Administration" and "Communication and Organisational Practices" so this should be an interesting semester. Ooh, I nearly forgot...I got a High Distinction for my final assginment for Desktop Publishing that I studied during summer school. For that class overall I got a Distinction, so happy with that result!
Also next week I start working at a different Woolworths store than the one that I have been at for the past three years. I have been working at Woolworths at Northpark which is in Prospect SA and due to my reliance on public transport has been taking me approximately 1.5 hours to get to work, even though it is only a half hour drive from my house. As of next week I will be working at the Woolworths at Parabanks in Salisbury SA which is only a fifteen minute drive from home and will take me about half an hour by public transport (that is including the time to walk to the station from home and from the station to work), this is very exciting as it means I am available more and should hopefully get lots of hours...then I can get my car fixed!
Well, I had better go now as I am needing to prepare our meals for today before I send John off to work.

Until next time,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a day!

Hi again, just a quick post for my benefit. I had a really great day today, despite the crampy, ouchy pains in my belly. Today was my first free day since beginning the body trim system and I enjoyed a drink of coke and a quarter chicken hot pack from the local chicken shop. Much to my surprise I was unable to finish my lunch, I felt so full after a few chips, it was kinda disappointing and then I remembered that it is a good thing that I can't overindulge myself without feeling yukky and full.

Another thing that was great about today was that I got another birthday present from my mummy. For my birthday on Monday I was given a lovely Remington hair dryer, some new jeans (which I have yet to take up since I'm a shorty), some much needed socks, and a pretty purple Guess handbag. Today mum gave me part two of her gift which was a Remington hair straightener to match my new hair dryer. I like it! So of course I spent this morning drying my hair and then straightening it. It was fun, I know it's probably silly but when I have naturally curly thick hair it is nice to do something a little different and it was fun.
Well I think that's enough for today.

Until next time,