Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Next Week

I am really looking forward to next week as it is sure to be a good one. Next week is when I go back to uni for hopefully my final semester, which is very exciting. I will be studying "Training and Development", "Organisational Administration" and "Communication and Organisational Practices" so this should be an interesting semester. Ooh, I nearly forgot...I got a High Distinction for my final assginment for Desktop Publishing that I studied during summer school. For that class overall I got a Distinction, so happy with that result!
Also next week I start working at a different Woolworths store than the one that I have been at for the past three years. I have been working at Woolworths at Northpark which is in Prospect SA and due to my reliance on public transport has been taking me approximately 1.5 hours to get to work, even though it is only a half hour drive from my house. As of next week I will be working at the Woolworths at Parabanks in Salisbury SA which is only a fifteen minute drive from home and will take me about half an hour by public transport (that is including the time to walk to the station from home and from the station to work), this is very exciting as it means I am available more and should hopefully get lots of hours...then I can get my car fixed!
Well, I had better go now as I am needing to prepare our meals for today before I send John off to work.

Until next time,

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