Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a nightmare

Well last night was absolutely horrendous, I worked a 4 hour shift at Woollies and then was kindly dropped off at the bus stop by a girl from work as I would otherwise have missed my bus. It was important that I make it to the bus as it was 9:30pm and the next bus or train would not be until 10:20pm, so all was good ... until I got out of the car and left my mobile phone in her car. I had my phone out as I was trying to call mum and dad to see whether they would be able to pick me up from work or whether they'd be picking me up from Elizabeth once I got there. the worst part was that I didn't know if I had left it in her car or if I had stupidly dropped it in the car park when I got into the car. The stupid thing was on silent so even though I called it from a payphone straight away in an attempt to get her to turn around she didn't hear it. I was freaking out because I was running out of coinage for the payphone and didn't know what to do. I rang my husband and told him and he said he'd call my parents but then my bus came so like an idiot I got on the bus and went to Elizabeth, where I went straight to the nearest payphone to call my husband again to see if he had been able to get in touch with mum and dad. He had...they were at Salisbury looking for me. What a wally, so I was scared out of my brain because there had been drunk people at Salisbury, there were drunk people at Elizabeth and i did not have the security of my mobile phone in case of emergency. When mum and dad got to Elizabeth they said they had called my mobile phone and the girl who dropped me off had found it and answered it and would drop it off at work in the morning. How lovely. The only problem was that when mum and dad picked me up my husband was on the phone in the process of barring the Sim card so that we wouldn't get a big bill if I had dropped it in the car park. What a nightmare. In the end I have my phone back and there was nothing to be worried about, but that didn't stop me from being in a ridiculous state last night. How embarrassing.

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  1. Yes, got to make sure you have plenty of "coinage" on you at all times!